Hike the PCT for Parkinson’s

Laura in "Lawrence-of-Arabia" hiking cap, Goat Rocks Wilderness

Laura in “Lawrence-of-Arabia” hiking cap, Goat Rocks Wilderness

Here’s how you can hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) without lifting a finger.  Well, you will have to lift a finger to get your wallet out, but you won’t have to deal with heavy packs, sweat, or unfashionable hiking caps.   All you have to do is get that wallet out and send some money to PassToPass.org, a group of five Parkis, who will be hiking the PCT from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass next week (August 20-28).  They will be accompanied by five support hikers and (oh, how civilized!) a wrangler and a mule.  Seventy-two miles, 9 days, longest day is 13 miles.  Donate here — see how easy that is — faster than getting your boots on.

Way back, when Paul and I were courting, yes I did backpack.  There’s a particular route I’d like to do that’s only reachable by backpack.  Maybe next year….In the meantime, I’m at least day hiking (5-9 miles, 600-1200 foot elevation gain, considered moderate to fairly steep hikes).   The photos are from recent hikes, but not on the PCT.

Above Bonaparte Lake, Okanogan area (NE WA)

Same fashionable hat. Above Bonaparte Lake, Okanogan area (NE WA)

About Laura Kennedy Gould

Laura woke up one morning in June 2012 and "as if by magic", her right hand was tremoring. Diagnosis: Parkinson's. Laura writes about Parkinson's research, Parkinson's people, and her own journey in her blog: "The Magic Trick -- Life with Parkinson's" (https://magictrickparkinsons.wordpress.com/).
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