About Me

Hi, I’m Laura Kennedy Gould.  After waking up one morning with “the magic trick” of a tremoring right hand, I eventually received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s in the summer of 2012 at 57. I decided to retire from my computer analyst job to devote more energy to managing symptoms.  I have enjoyed hiking, skiing, traveling, and plan to continue these activities.  And I intend to keep my brain fresh by writing this blog – enjoy!

Laura on OR coast, 7-12-cropped-scaled

One Response to About Me

  1. Leon Hopper is the reason I am a Unitarian, and Leon and Dorothy are friends starting in 1966. Early this year (2015) I learned from Leon about your blog on Parkinson’s concerning Leon, I was diagnosed with Parkinsonism in 2010 and my neurologist (Joshua Knappenburger) now calls it Parkinon’s. I read a bunch of your blogs and appreciate very much what you have written. Here in Bozeman, Montana we have a Parkinson’s support group that meets every other month.

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