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March of the Zombies

Gosh, here it is almost the Fourth of July.  I suddenly realized that the backpack I had contemplated way back in January was now only a month away.  Could I really do a 10-mile backpack in Oregon’s beautiful Eagle Cap … Continue reading

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See ya in the funny papers

I’ve been hanging out with a  pretty bad crew lately – the kind of dastardly bad guys you’d see in the old-fashioned comics.  Here’s the lineup on the bad hombres: –All this time, I thought Al Capp’s creation, Li’l  Abner, … Continue reading

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Beyond the Blue Horizon

I’m getting to be an expert at what it looks like Beyond the Blue Horizon.   I can hardly remember the long-ago days when I slept through the night.  Over the past eight years of sleeping with Dr. Parkinson, I’ve gone … Continue reading

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Roll Over, Beethoven

“That’s a classic,” my neurologist said.  He was not referring to any compositions by Beethoven or the Chuck Berry classic, “Roll Over, Beethoven”.    Alas, my doctor was commenting on my latest weird Parkinson’s symptom, difficulty rolling over in bed.  … Continue reading

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The Kennedy Gould Yawn-O-Meter Scale

I’m on my way home from World Parkinson Congress on the 2-hour-late Amtrak.  Boy, am I beat.  Lots to absorb, constantly being perky (as perky as I get, anyway), minimal exercise, the gloomy reports of all the new symptoms I … Continue reading

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