Blog Purpose

MagicianNo, you won’t learn any magic tricks on this website.  I decided to call this blog “The Magic Trick” because one day I woke up and, as if by magic, my right hand was tremoring.  So far, I haven’t been able to turn this magic trick off.  I also figured I may need some magic tricks to manage the wacky symptoms of Parkinson’s.  And finally, a disease that started out being called “the shaking palsy” and has no identified cause (but a million theories) strikes me as pretty…um…magical.

I hope to dust off my long-ago reporting skills and provide information to my friends and family about different aspects of Parkinson’s.  I’ll also use the blog to periodically report my status.  Parkinson’s is a slowly progressive disease and it’s hard to chart where you are today without information on where you were.  While my intended audience is primarily my friends and family, I also hope to connect with other People With Parkinson’s.


I am not a neurologist nor even a professional reporter, and cannot attest to the accuracy of anything written about in my blog.  My main source will be websites dealing with Parkinson’s, and I’ll include links so you can check these websites for yourself.  All medical information on the Internet should be “taken with a grain of salt”; it’s just common sense that you should always consult with your medical provider

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