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March of the Zombies

Gosh, here it is almost the Fourth of July.  I suddenly realized that the backpack I had contemplated way back in January was now only a month away.  Could I really do a 10-mile backpack in Oregon’s beautiful Eagle Cap … Continue reading

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Dancing in Sanskrit

Oh, ugh, what are these exceptionally awkward photos?  This is Laura taking a beginning ballet class, scowling at the Zoom-powered instruction on her little laptop.  Most of the time, I turn off the video so that the instructor (Mark Haim, … Continue reading

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The Volkswagen and the wool suit

I have a confession to make — I’ve never been too good at charitable giving.   When I add up donations at tax time, I’m always embarrassed at the total amount.  But these are extraordinary times, with 40 million people out … Continue reading

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Call for Doctor Jazz!

My blog posts have been pretty gloomy lately.  I reflected upon this as I was bopping around the living room the other morning,  doing my exercises and belting out one of my traditional jazz favorites, ” Call for Doctor Jazz!”  … Continue reading

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See ya in the funny papers

I’ve been hanging out with a  pretty bad crew lately – the kind of dastardly bad guys you’d see in the old-fashioned comics.  Here’s the lineup on the bad hombres: –All this time, I thought Al Capp’s creation, Li’l  Abner, … Continue reading

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Beyond the Blue Horizon

I’m getting to be an expert at what it looks like Beyond the Blue Horizon.   I can hardly remember the long-ago days when I slept through the night.  Over the past eight years of sleeping with Dr. Parkinson, I’ve gone … Continue reading

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Exercise in a Time of Plague

Regular readers of this blog know what a fan I am of exercise – that is to say, not.  But despite the disruptions and shutdowns caused by the coronavirus scourge, there are plenty of exercise programs out there that we … Continue reading

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What Happened to those Ruby Slippers?

Did you ever wonder what happens to the ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz?   In the movie, they just disappear when Dorothy wakes up in Kansas.  In L. Frank Baum’s original book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s magic … Continue reading

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Hike in a beautiful wilderness!

Yes, I am determined to visit this beautiful lake – and camp nearby so I can visit other beautiful lakes.  Yes, I’m going to do another backpack — cheer me on! And would you like to join us?  We will … Continue reading

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Pollyanna gets a bad rap.  You remember the 1960s Disney movie in which Hayley Mills is so goody two shoes, so cheerful and optimistic, that she just makes your teeth ache.  Pollyanna plays the “glad game” – figure out some … Continue reading

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