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The P-Q-R-S-T of Pain

Yesterday I watched a webinar about pain in Parkinson’s Disease, well delivered by Dr. Pravin Khemani,  a neurologist at Swedish Medical Center here in Seattle.  I’m sure the local chapter of the APDA that sponsored it will be putting his talk … Continue reading

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Pollyanna gets a bad rap.  You remember the 1960s Disney movie in which Hayley Mills is so goody two shoes, so cheerful and optimistic, that she just makes your teeth ache.  Pollyanna plays the “glad game” – figure out some … Continue reading

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Win One For the Gipper!

I never read the sports pages.  What, never?  Well, hardly ever….An article in the New York Times sports page did catch my eye because it was about CTE.  CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or what happens when your head gets … Continue reading

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Medicare Muddle

Although the mid-term elections are over,  I received a political flyer recently.  The flyer was full of photos of worried senior citizens with the scary headline shown above.  OK, you have my attention – what’s this all about? I read … Continue reading

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Who will take care of us?

I recently read an article about a large study in China suggests a link between their really bad air pollution and impairment of cognitive skills.  This was disturbing, but more alarming was a throw away statistic in the article.  The … Continue reading

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The Renaissance Man

What do the Seahawks football team, Jimi Hendrix, the Cinerama movie theater, rockets to outer space, and mouse brains have in common?  They were all passions of Paul G. Allen, who died at  65 on October 15 from complications of … Continue reading

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Team Players

Girls and young women pounding down the soccer field, deftly stopping the ball and then dribbling the ball towards the goal.  This is not an unusual sight – go to any city park or playfield during the school year and … Continue reading

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Register to Vote by July 9

I put together a Frequently Asked Questions about voter registration: –If you live in Washington State, and need to register, change address, or change name , please look at the info below. –If you know someone who needs to register, … Continue reading

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