PD References

Name Category Comments
American Parkinson Disease Association – Publications Parkinson Associations The URL points to what looks to be the most useful part of this website — a long list of publications to download.  The “Parkinson’s Disease Handbook” is a good starter.  Chapter 4 goes into detail on explaining current research on PD causes.
What’s Hot in PD? Blog Parkinson Associations Well-written monthly blog by National Medical Director for National Parkinson’s Foundation, Dr. Michael Okun, on the latest developments in Parkinson’s disease research.
National Parkinson’s Foundation info about PD Parkinson’s Associations From National  Parkinson’s Foundation, a comprehensive listing of topics about PD, including a version in Spanish.
Parkinson’s FAQs Parkinson’s Associations From Parkinison’s Disease Foundation, a concise 2-page summary of Frequently Asked Questions about Parkinson’s
WebMD drug reference Drugs Good reference to get accurate information about drugs and their side effects. Can search by brand or generic names.
Essential Tremors Parkinson’s Associations  Website of International Essential Tremor Foundation
Differences between PD and Essential Tremors Parkinson’s Associations  Concise 1-pager delineating differences between Parkinson’s and Essential Tremors
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