Swimming for Parkinson’s

Bruce Ballard swimsuit tuned.JPG

Bruce in 2016 swims-he raised over $4k.

I just wrote about hiking for Parkinson’s, and here’s another opportunity to donate– swimming for Parkinson’s.  As with the hiking, it’s no sweat – all you have to do is lift your credit card and donate.  My fellow Parki blogger, Bruce Ballard, is raising money again for Michael J. Fox Foundation by doing three one-mile swims…..IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!

Yes, you read right…Bruce is doing three open-ocean swims (as he did last year), wearing nothing but a Speedo and a smile.  (Because wetsuits/drysuits give some flotation and thus an unfair advantage, they are frowned upon.)  These three swims literally leave me breathless, since five minutes in the chlly Puget Sound here in Seattle would be instant  death-by-hypothermia.

Bruce’s three swims are :

– July 22: Grimaldo’s Mile (a one-mile race along the beach at Coney Island)

– August 12: Newburgh to Beacon One Mile Swim (not a race, but an open invitation to swim across the Hudson River from Newburgh to Beacon in upstate New York)

– August 26: Lake George 2.5 Kilometer Swim Race (about 1.5 miles)

Help out Bruce reach his $5000 goal – he’s about halfway there — but in swimming and fundraising you don’t want to be just halfway there!


Paul and I got to have dinner with Bruce  (and Parki the Racoon) when we visited NYC this June.


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