Hit the trail for Parkinson’s


The Pass-to-Pass team on their 2016 backpack.

Last year, I wrote about the Pass-to-Pass group of intrepid Parkis who backpacked a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail to raise money for American Parkinson’s Disease Association and Michael J. Fox Foundation.  I’m thrilled to report that they are hitting the trail again.  You can help them reach their ambitious goal of $20,000 by donating on their website, which has direct links to Michael J. Fox Foundation and APDA

Last year (their first), Pass-to-Pass raised $12,362.  They went 63 miles over 9  days, successfully renavigating on the fly to avoid over a hundred blowdowns (fallen trees).  Their route was from Stevens Pass to  Snoqualmie Pass with days as long as 9.5 miles (plus a healthy elevation gain!)  Nadean Meyer, one of the group’s “Trail Angels”, wrote me about the spirit of the group: “everyone helping others around swollen streams and… downed trees”

This year, Pass-to-Pass will tackle another portion of the PCT: From Rainy Pass to Suiattle Pass, 58 miles of glorious Washington Cascades over 9 days with a net gain of 5000 feet (over 1500 meters).   More details are on their website, including a donation page and bios of the team.  And you can hike with no sweat by following their blog and Facebook page.

I really like the team’s attitude, which they call Living LARGE.  Nadean defined this as  “a slogan and motto to not let PD define your life but to experience all things you enjoyed before your diagnosis and to find more adventures as well even if they need to be modified.”  Ah,” find more adventures”…maybe next year I’ll get into good enough shape to backpack again.  In the meantime, I’m warming up my credit card to donate!


They made it!  Happy hikers in 2016 achieving their destination.

About Laura Kennedy Gould

Laura woke up one morning in June 2012 and "as if by magic", her right hand was tremoring. Diagnosis: Parkinson's. Laura writes about Parkinson's research, Parkinson's people, and her own journey in her blog: "The Magic Trick -- Life with Parkinson's" (https://magictrickparkinsons.wordpress.com/).
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