Exercise – Part 2

I got so many heartfelt comments about my exercise post, “Esperanza” that I decided to put these comments together in a new post.  Having other people write my blog sounds like a great setup to me.  Come to think of it, couldn’t I handle exercise the same way?  If I can hire someone to drive my car or mow my lawn, why not a stand-in exerciser?  Hmmm…have to give that some thought.  In the meantime, here’s the comments and my responses.


Trying out backpack on first dayhike of the season. More interesting exercise.

Lucy Kennedy: I’m impressed…I’m trying my darndest to do more than three days a week.
Response:  My sister has always been the most athletic of us three Kennedy kids.  I’m betting her three sessions a week are more effective than my dabbling every day.

Edmund Kennedy:  I hate exercise also! With bad feet and legs, walking is a real problem for me.
Response:  I concur with my brother.  While walking is not a problem for me, there always seem to be some pain (currently the lower back) that is exacerbated, not helped by exercise.  Back hurt like hell when I was trying out this backpack.

Pam McGaffin: I recognize that studio! I’m doing Sunday boot camps with Denise. You would LOVE her. Our triathlon-training group is starting up again . . .
Response:  Bizarrely,  friend Pam’s smiling face  beams down at me as I grunt through my exercises with my personal trainer  Pam is the star pupil of my trainer’s business partner (Denise), so Pam’s photo is on the “satisfied client” wall.  Only Pam, a cheerful woman who actually likes doing triathlons, would think  I would LOVE anyone who dragged me through an exercise Boot Camp.  (But to be not quite so negative, Pam, I have had the pleasure of meeting Denise, and she does seem down to earth, not insufferably perky like most female trainers.

M*: Hi Laura,
I’m not going to tell you what you need to do, I’m just as bad (or used to be.) The only difference is that I got lucky, and by the time I was diagnosed I was going to the gym at least 4 times a week thanks to a friend that insisted 6 years earlier that I needed to go with her. So how did I get there? The first thing was having somebody to go with. Secondly, I started doing a body pump class and I was so rubbish that competitiveness kicked in and I decided that wasn’t gonna be. And the third thing was switching to the gym at work. At the time I wasn’t running at all, but I decided that I was going to look very silly just walking next to all these very fit people, so I started running on the treadmill, just a few minutes at a time, until I could run 6Km. And when I was getting to be not too bad, I started getting toe cramps, and spent the next two years of my life not running but trying to get some doctor to tell me what was wrong. So during that time I switched to the elliptical (this is what I wanted to tell you from the start) and I thought (and still think) that it is somehow harder than running, and running is much more addictive.
So maybe you could try running? It has to be done slowly, but I’m sure your PT will tell you that. I can’t run on the treadmill anymore for a long time – crampy toes, but I can run up to 6k outside.
Sorry, I know this is a bit too long, just wanted to encourage you to try something else!
Response: My London subscriber and fellow Parki prefers not to be identified since she is still working; hence, like a good James Bond thriller, I’ll refer to her as M*.
M* favors an exercise buddy, a suggestion I’ve heard several times.  Maybe…but sounds like too much hassle to arrange – and I’d have to find the buddy first.
I am amused by M*’s remark,
“I decided that I was going to look very silly just walking next to all these very fit people.”  I don’t really care what others in my busy gym think of my form on the treadmill or elliptical.   I’m barely aware of them, and vice versa.  Zumba and  other classes are a different story, since I look like the Bride of Frankenstein and can never follow the perky instructor.  So I just don’t go to these classes.
Running?    My standard joke is I only run after Metro buses and certain men.  But I occasionally try to mix in a little running in with my walks.  However, I literally can’t run to the end of my (long) driveway.  The concept of running a 5k is for me as achievable as flying to Mars.

Dawne Swanson: I also hate all exercise, if you find one please let me know and I’ll try.
Response:  Friend Dawne must be doing something right in the exercise department since she’s always a bundle of energy.  She works a high-powered senior management job and runs a winery on the side

Laura Ferguson: You need a good workout playlist. High energy. It really helps.
Response:  Right you are, my dear sister-in-law.  When I’m in the gym on the elliptical and other machines, I’m usually listening to an audio book.  At home, I tend to bop around doing various exercises while listening to something fast and rhythmic — mostly my beloved traditional jazz (ragtime, Dixieland, etc.)

Maureen Hoffmann: Brava, brava!!! Good on ya, Laura!
Response: Thanks to my pal, Maureen, for the encouraging words.








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  1. Lucy Kennedy says:

    Writing a blog..good…getting others to write your blog…priceless

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