When the neurologist first diagnosed me with Parkinson’s, I was surprised but calm.  It was when he said I really should exercise an hour every day that I practically burst into tears.   Exercise for me has always been a chore.  When people say, “Oh, find an exercise that’s fun for you,” this is like saying “Find a mammogram that’s fun for you.”

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The Reality
The Aspiration

At least the mammogram is productive.  I do some sort of exercise nearly every day but I still have a collapsing posture, no core, tight muscles, and can’t run down my driveway, much less around the block.   I am going to a new personal trainer, the latest of a long series of classes, physical therapists, and personal trainers.  When I complained to the trainer that my attempts at aerobic exercise didn’t seem to be very aerobic, he responded, “Maybe you need to work harder.”

Wish I knew the secret to “working harder”.  I got to the gym this morning and I boldly set the timer on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  I s-l-o-w-l-y fought my way to…. 15 minutes.  I mentally pushed myself to “another five minutes” , then “another five minutes”, but just couldn’t force myself the final five minutes.   Was I puffing and out of breath?  No, of course not.  The elliptical as usual gave me a target heart rate of 134, which I have never gotten anywhere close to.    I believe I started out at 85 this morning, and occasionally made it into three figures.

I should be inspired by Esperanza.  That’s not her real name of course.  I’m calling her that to protect her privacy and because she should inspire hope for me.  I see Esperanza fairly frequently at my gym, but I only recently learned she comes three times a week, from when the gym opens (5 am!) till about 11 am or so.  Esperanza is accompanied by her (even more remarkable) mother, because Esperanza has severe mental challenges.  I don’t believe she can even verbalize language … but she can sure do a great Zumba.

So, maybe next time I’ll make it to 30 minutes on the elliptical.  The weather is finally getting warmer and I hope to do more walking and hiking.  (This is exercise I actually enjoy.)  And shout-outs to my fellow PD bloggers who write of their victories with exercise:  Natasha McCarthy (horseback riding, Boot Camp) and Bruce Ballard (long distance swimming and 22 days of 22 pushups to highlight prevention of veterans’ suicides.)

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One Response to Esperanza

  1. Lucy Kennedy says:

    I’m impressed…I’m trying my darndest to do more than three days a week.

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