The Kennedy Gould Yawn-O-Meter Scale

20160923_2158151I’m on my way home from World Parkinson Congress on the 2-hour-late Amtrak.  Boy, am I beat.  Lots to absorb, constantly being perky (as perky as I get, anyway), minimal exercise, the gloomy reports of all the new symptoms I can look forward to — well, it all adds up, and I am yawning.  I had vowed that this WPC I would spend more time just talking with attendees, and I did just that ( see “perky” above).

One of the folks I talked to was a retired school principal from Ottawa.  He said something like, “I am fatigued, but I am not weary.” Hmmm..,,,I guess “weary” is worse than “fatigued”.   Parkinson’s Disease is full of scientific looking but actually subjective ratings scales — so why not a Yawn-O-Meter?

Here’s my stab at the Kennedy Gould Yawn-O-Meter — a two-barreled name and 10 points to add to the scientific appearance.  Feel free (if you’re not too tired) to contribute.

This giant Parki will give me nightmares!

This giant Parki will give me nightmares!

  1. Distracted
  2. Nodding
  3. Tired
  4. Drowsy
  5. Somnolent
  6. Sleepy
  7. Exhausted
  8. Fatigued
  9. Weary
  10. Bone-Weary

About Laura Kennedy Gould

Author of "The Magic Trick -- Life with Parkinson's
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One Response to The Kennedy Gould Yawn-O-Meter Scale

  1. Lucy Kennedy says:

    Get some rest!

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