“Dying Last or Dying Lucid”

This looks like a book I should check out:  Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide by the journalist Michael Kinsley.   This was reviewed by Pete Beidler in the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation’s summer newsletter (scroll to p. 7 in this pdf document).  Although Michael Kinsley has lived with Parkinson’s for the last 25 years, he starts out the book by writing: “This is not a book about Parkinson’s Disease.”  As Bette Davis said, “Old age is not for sissies” so having a “guide” for all of us aging baby boomers, not just Parkis, isn’t a bad idea.   Michael Kinsley book cover

Kinsley writes these sobering lines: “Anyone who lives past 85, as more and more of us intend to, has roughly a 50-50 chance of exiting by way of Alzheimer’s.  So there are two forms of competition in the boomer death-style Olympics.  There’s dying last and there’s dying lucid…”

Hmm…85….can’t wait…I guess….

Here’s the link to Kinsley’s book on Amazon.


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