Poster Boy Michael J. Fox

Thanks to my sharp-eyed sister-in-law for seeing this opinion piece by columnist Joe Nocera in today’s New York Times.  Nocera talks about  Michael J. Fox’s “three roles”: 1) young, popular actor before Parkinson’s, 2) creator of Michael J. Fox Foundation, and currently 3) older, still popular actor after Parkinson’s.  As Fox told Nocera, “I can play anybody — so long as he has Parkinson’s.”  Nocera noted, “Sufferers of Parkinson’s disease got lucky when Michael J. Fox became their poster boy.”  Fox put a name and a face on a disease that most people had barely heard of.    Once Fox elected at 38 to reveal his early-onset Parkinson’s diagnosis, he quickly founded a foundation which has raised a mind-boggling $350 million for PD research since 2000.  Go, Michael!

Michael J. Fox in 2013

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