Grunge meets Parkinson’s

Nicole Brodeur, a columnist for the Seattle Times, wrote a column this Sunday (6/2/13) about Sub-Pop Records co-founder, Jonathan Poneman.  Poneman, whose record company brought to fame grunge artists like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, is living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.


Jonathan Poneman (Seattle Times photo)


I found the article notable for several reasons:

–Parkinson’s is usually thought of as an old person’s disease, but Poneman is presently only 53, and was diagnosed a few years ago.  My diagnosis at 57 was the “median age” for the disease, according to my neurologist.

–Poneman’s symptoms were numerous and quite different from mine.  My red flag was simply waking up one morning and finding my right hand tremoring.  His was a “lumbering slowness”, “too much mellowness”, and difficulty using his right hand.

–Like me, Poneman  is “truly grateful” for  the Parkinson’s diagnosis.  It has caused him to, as Brodeur elegantly puts it, “recalibrate important  parts of his life”.  He told Brodeur the diagnosis has resulted in his being “an open heart and mindful”.

–He is speaking out about living with Parkinson’s and raising money through Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation.  Hmmm…time for me to do more activities along those lines!

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