Status, Friday, December 14, 2012 – “Does Parkinson’s hurt?”

089Status is optimistic.  I did my monthly visit to neurologist yesterday and he is going to try me on a different dopamine agonist, Requip (ropinirole), the arch-rival to the Mirapex I’m taking now.  Although the (long) list of side effects is similar, he thinks a different drug will impact me differently, and we can get past the insomnia.  Indeed, he thinks it may be the opposite side effect…excessive sleepiness!

I was asked  two intriguing questions recently:
–Does Parkinson’s hurt?
–Can you die from Parkinson’s?
The answer to both of these simplistically is “No”, in keeping with the optimistic tone of this posting.  If you choose to be grumpier, the answer can be “Kind of”.  Constantly tremoring doesn’t really hurt, but it sure feels weird and tires out the arm.  As far as dying from Parkinson’s, no, you don’t die from the disease itself, but you can die from complications of Parkinson’s, like falling or difficulty swallowing.  Nevertheless, after hearing of a friend’s diagnosis of breast cancer, I still think I pulled a lucky ticket in the chronic disease lottery that nearly all of us will enter sometime during our lives.

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One Response to Status, Friday, December 14, 2012 – “Does Parkinson’s hurt?”

  1. Nadine C says:

    I’m with you Laura in all you’ve said … I will subscribe to your blog. Love N

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