Status – November 30, 2012 – Battling a cold

Status is mixed.  I’ve been battling a good old fashioned cold all week.  Puts things in perspective — the hacking and coughing from the cold is far worse than Parkinson’s.  At this point,  Parkinson’s is just an annoyance, not a “disease”.  The difference of course is the direction:  the cold is on the mend, but the Parkinson’s is ….well, I hope it’s not getting worse.

Because there’s no objective markers for Parkinson’s, it’s hard to tell if it’s getting worse.  I’ve noticed the left hand,  the right leg, and my head all tremoring — mercifully, very rarely and not all at the same time!  When I asked my neurologist if this was “normal” for other body parts besides my dominant (right) hand to already be starting to tremor, he thought the drug may have “unmasked” these tremors by relaxing muscle rigidity.  Hmmm…confusing response…the drug therapy causes more tremors…??

The drug: Mirapex ER, 2.25 mg dose.  Neurologist’s verdict was it appeared to be improving symptoms.  The tremoring in my right hand is not constant (as it was) but  episodic.  I am able to brush my teeth and wash my hands without problems.  (Believe it or not, these fine motor motions caused me difficulties.)  I changed from taking the 24-hour pill in evening to morning in hopes this would reduce the insomnia (a side effect).  Nope, but my brother clued me in to take Benadryl, which I’ve needed for the cold anyway.  Ahhhh…I’ve actually slept all night!  Once I’m thru the cold, I’ll stop the Benadryl and see what happens to the insomnia.

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One Response to Status – November 30, 2012 – Battling a cold

  1. Digital Rabbit says:

    Sleep is good. Glad to hear the Benadryl worked.

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