Status – Friday, November 9, 2012 – Fun with drugs

Status is good.  The higher dose of Mirapex appears to be reducing the tremor episodes in the right hand, but not eliminating them.  Not surprisingly, when I get into the afternoon and evening, I get more episodes.  (The pill is a 24-hour pill that I take at bedtime.)  I last went to neurologist October 16, and he upped the Mirapex to 2.25 mg.  I previously had gotten up to  3 doses of .375 mg (1.125 mg).  Per his instructions, I segued into the higher dose by first upping to 4 doses of .375 mg (1.5 mg) until I was through the smaller doses.  This took me through Thursday, October 25, with Thursday being 5 doses (1.875 mg).  Mercifully, the 2.25 mg comes in one larger pill!

I’m learning quick that there’s no free lunch with Parkinson’s – there’s always side effects with the medication.  Each time I’ve upped the Mirapex dosage, there’s been an adjustment period.  This time it’s insomnia.  Seems to be getting better, so maybe I’m through the adjustment period.

Scary stuff:  I’m occasionally getting tremors in the left hand.  Also, I’m occasionally getting tremors in the left and right legs – but of course, this only happens when I’m exercising and I’m not standing. (e.g., I’m laying on my back.)  The very scary thing is I think my eyelids are tremoring (again, occasionally).  You know that middle stage where your eyelids aren’t tightly shut, but they’re not wide open either?  When you can sense light?  Imagine you’re in that stage and there is an overhead fan, so the light is going on and off – that’s what I’m sensing.  So I’m figuring the eyelids must be fluttering.  Fortunately, this totally goes away when my eyes are wide open – no impact on driving (yikes).

Exercise:  I’m spending 1-3 hours a day on some sort of exercise.  Sampling classes at the Y – the big surprise is the shallow end water aerobics.  Yep, the expected Little Old Ladies, but dang!, they’re stronger than I am.  My gut is still sore from trying to hold myself upright in the water.  My friend Jean turned me on to a walking group sponsored by Seattle Parks – fun, social 5-mile walks.

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